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Mobile: 07766 664 564
Office: 01277 362 948

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Sales Strategy Training

Sales Strategy Training from Coaching Dynamics

Sales is a complex science and there is much strategy and psychology attached to being a successful Sales Director, Manager or Salesperson. The Coaching Dynamics Sales Strategy Programme addresses all the relevant buyer-seller dynamics, processes and techniques in a programme tailored to your business or industry.


Role of Coaching Dynamics

Different businesses and industries require different sales strategies and tactics according to the type of products or services they offer. Some of these strategies will come more naturally to you and your colleagues than others and that is where Tina Dulieu’s expertise comes in. Being absolutely comfortable with the sales techniques you employ and understanding the psychology behind them and attaining complete buy-in is paramount to the sales success of your business.

“At Coaching Dynamics great importance is attached to delivering the Sales Strategy programme content to suit the business and people on the training. I will work with you, discussing your aims and objectives in order to achieve the right approach and set those targets for success!”

Tina Dulieu


Coaching Dynamics’ Sales Strategy Programme

Coaching Dynamics’ Sales Strategy Programmes are delivered as Workshops tailored to your business within the structure of these four elements:

  • Strategy – everything from understanding body language to ‘closing the sale techniques’
  • Financial – every aspect from understanding the buyer’s budget to the financial implications of promotions
  • Practical and Analytical – from facing challenges to setting and monitoring those targets!
  • Expected Outcomes – analysis of markets, actions plans, performance, profit

If you would like a skilled, knowledgeable, pro-active sales force for your business, then CONTACT Tina Dulieu to book a complimentary consultation to discuss programme content.


“Having worked in the sales environment for over 20 years, I found Tina’s approach to sales was refreshing and rewarding. I’m now implementing several techniques to great effect….. which proves you’re never too old to learn something new!!”

Sue Hutchinson, Prontaprint

Coaching Dynamics Training Client Testimonials

If you are inspired, excited and ready to take the next step, Contact Tina Dulieu today.

Is your business ready for some serious growth?

Business growth with Coaching Dynamics
Answer YES to every question below and your business could be ready for serious growth:
  • Are you an established business trading for 2+ years?
  • Do you employ between 5 - 100 people?
  • Do you have finance in your business to invest in growth innovations?
  • Are you willing to put time and resources into making growth happen?
If you are a driven ambitious business let Coaching Dynamics work with you to achieve your strategic growth ambitions.

What can DISC Personality Profiling do for you?

DISC personality profiling
DISC Personality Profiling is a proven tool used by Coaching Dynamics to help you:
  • Understand the way YOU do business
  • Ensure YOUR TEAMS work to their strengths
  • RECRUIT the right person for your team's dynamics
  • MOTIVATE your colleagues
DISCover more about how this dynamic resource can benefit your business by learning more about DISC personality profiling.

Would you like a proactive Management Team?

Management Team Coaching
Your Management Team is key to business success and growth:
  • Would you like motivated and inspired Managers in your business?
  • Is your Management Team as effective as you would wish?
  • Do your Managers have all the skills required to lead?
  • It is important to have effective leaders you can rely on.
Your Management Team should be leading the field and setting company standard. Learn how by vewing our management team coaching services.
Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics is a Coaching Academy Licenced Trainer    Federation of Small Businesses    Bishop's Stortford Chamber of Commerce

"I enjoyed Tina's presentation very much. It has helped me to re-focus on an area of my business which needs attention and it was very timely."

M. Grant
Novavista Ltd