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Business & Strategic Growth Clients

Jenny Twigg, Managing Director, LilyPins Ltd

Lily Pins Ltd is the only company in the UK providing CRB checked, Dementia Trained hairdressers, beauticians and chiropodist professionals exclusively to the Care Sector

“When I met Tina, I was struggling to organise myself although I knew my business had potential I couldn't see the wood for the trees. Tina has changed all that for me and has truly “challenged me to be successful”

I really feel that Tina is as passionate about the success and growth of LilyPins as I am.

Tina has improved both my confidence and my profit margin; she has a solution or suggestion for all challenges and problems. I now have a clear positive approach to my business and truly believe that having Tina on board is indeed a necessity and not a luxury.

Tina's support, guidance, counselling and friendship has been inspirational to me over the last six months and my leadership skills have improved a great deal as a result.

Tina is professional, patient and understanding and has a very calming influence on me especially at those times when I feel a little overwhelmed by being a business owner, knowing that Tina and her words of wisdom or “Dulieu Fairy dust” is there for me is invaluable.

Thank you Tina for helping me make my dreams a reality!”

Jenny Twigg
LilyPins Ltd

Sue De Ats, Maison Fabrique

I used Coaching Dynamics for the Skills for Growth Programme throughout 2013, and can highly recommend Tina’s skills and knowledge.

Her clear understanding, enthusiasm and sound strategic business plans provided a platform for the growth of maison fabrique.

Using Tina’s services has undoubtedly contributed greatly to the company’s increased turnover, and I would not hesitate to recommend Coaching Dynamics to other businesses.

Tina, thank you for not only challenging me to be successful, but for also providing me with the skills to action that success.


Sue De Ats
Maison Fabrique

Gary Cumberland and Lewis Cook, Directors, Form Architecture

“Our initial course of six Executive Coaching sessions has been a great help to our company. We have been able to achieve goals that we had neglected and unrecognised previously. The sessions allowed us to analyse the company by dissecting it into six priority areas to tackle, we have been able to rework processes to help us to operate efficiently and productively.

Our time management has improved by implementing different strategies; we have also reworked our invoicing system to improve cash flow. Tina has encouraged us to recognise our strengths and weaknesses and enabled us to build on and address them. We are continuing to use Tina as our Business and Executive Coach in an on-going relationship to enable us to develop the company further in the future”

Gary Cumberland & Lewis Cook
Form Architecture

Martin Ott, Co-Director, cab4one Ltd

“Having been involved in a variety of businesses over a long lifetime, I believed that I'd have little to learn when it came to running a new SME with my son, freshly released from university. Tina has the knack of pointing out the blindingly obvious yet easily overlooked elements of a fledgling company. The old saying of being “unable to see the wood for the trees” proved particularly true when thinking about the individual dynamics, strengths and challenges posed by a family-run business.

Tina gently encouraged us to stand back and overview our sales, marketing and growth plans, encouraging us to prioritise our tasks, rather than attempting to achieve everything seemingly urgent in a reactive rush. We have already seen quantifiable results.

Her approach is deceptively laid back and she encourages a positive, linear plan to move your business forward. If you are too busy working to fully comprehend your business future then I would commend the services of Tina and her company, Coaching Dynamics”

Martin Ott
cab4one Ltd

Michael Cheetham, Photographer and Agency Director

“From a position of confusion over the direction I should move my business in order to get a better sense of satisfaction from my work, and more work of the right type, I found the coaching very beneficial. It provided a structured approach to exploring the motivations and issues and finding a way forward that feels right for me.

As an unrelated third party, Tina's coaching was very good in providing the safe and comfortable space to do this, with plenty of encouragements, skilful questioning, and friendly listening and reflection.

I have been a bit like a cat in a bag to pin down in the past and there were times I wondered whether this structured coaching was right for me but in fact it has provided the spring board to move on more effectively”

Michael Cheetham
Photographer & Agency Director

Lynn Bound, Managing Director, Funglasses Ltd

“I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given me with the launch of our new product ‘Funglasses'. I knew nothing about marketing a new product and you have ensured everything that I have done so far has been effective and professional.

Your encouragement and support has been invaluable and as you know you are always my first port of call when I have been successful. Without you I would not have been able to break my product range into the big name zoos, so thank you Tina from the bottom of my heart. You are a truly wonderful coach and a lovely person”

Lynn Bound
Funglasses Ltd

Ivan Newman, Founder, Living Inside the Brand

Living Inside the Brand is a brand development consultancy

“Over the past nine months, Tina Dulieu has been assisting me in developing my business. I approached Tina because I saw someone who could see clearly, identify the heart of issues and worked well with people.

Tina has not disappointed. I look forward to our sessions and always expect to go in with concerns but come out with ideas to implement. Her advice is much prized.

I recommend Tina to anyone who values thinking deeply about their business to drive it forward”

Andrew Lloyd-Skinner, Director, North Weald Golf Club

“I am delighted with the progress I and the business have made as a result of the programme I have undertaken with Tina. We carefully monitored the progress as we went along and starting with an achievement rate of 39%, on completion of 6 sessions I had an achievement rate of 70%.

I found that my colleague Sarah has been reinvented. She has retained her administrative skills and general intellect, but has added drive, confidence and enthusiasm to her skills. I can only congratulate you, Tina, on achieving the targets I requested beyond my expectations”

Andrew Lloyd-Skinner
North Weald Golf Club

Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics is a Coaching Academy Licenced Trainer    Federation of Small Businesses

"Tina’s analytical approach, coupled with a friendly nature and genuine interest in who we are and our business, is a real breath of fresh air. Now we have the tools to take our business from strength to strength."

Keith Phillips, Director