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Hilary Westgarth, MD and Angela Westgarth, Sales Manager, AV UK Ltd

AV UK - Using DISC to recruit the right people and to build management strength

AVUK is a company dependant upon telesales teams. DISC was used in two different but equally successful ways with this client. Firstly, by the very nature of telesales, attrition tends to be on the high side and they wanted to address that; secondly the six-strong management team wanted to ensure that they understood each other well, utilised one another's strengths and were thereby as efficient and effective as they could be for the benefit of the business.

The verdict

From the telesales perspective, AV UK were able to identify a common personality type in their top three and longest-serving telesales employees and use that as a guide when recruiting new employees, this has been very successful.

From the management perspective they were able to acknowledge that they had an excellent combination of personality types who would have all areas of thought covered and to be able to appreciate, understand and utilise their strengths to greatest effect.

The client's experience

Angela Westgarth, Sales Manager at AV UK speaks of her experience: “We wanted to improve the attrition of our telesales staff and we asked Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics to conduct and analyse the profiles of our top and longest-serving sales people to see if there was a commonality in their profiles. We were amazed to find that there was! This was like turning on a light bulb for us because this commonality wasn't what we had identified as being significant in the type of personalities that we employed.

The analysis of a prospective employee's DISC has become part of the recruiting process in looking for the personality types we know will fit in and do the job well. It also allows us to see the potential beyond the initial interview when a person might be nervous or not portray themselves at their best. We like the scientific aspect of DISC which helps us identify where an employee's strengths are and when extra training or mentoring might be needed to help them integrate well into the company and the role.”

Hilary Westgarth, MD of AV UK relays the benefits of DISC from her management team perspective: “I asked Tina to analyse the profiles of our management team. Through a workshop she helped us understand the process, personality types and how we could use that information to best effect. It was interesting and enlightening! We now understand how and why we react as we do, especially with regard to risk-taking business-wise.

We know who the analysers are and who wants the detail, who the drivers are and who can use their influencing skills to build relationships. We have adopted a new language too, it is not uncommon to hear, "You're being very D today, can you calm down a bit!' Or what you are asking is just so C, is that much detail really necessary?" It has brought about a greater understanding all round, helped us appreciate and respect each other's attributes and understand the parts of our personalities that differ from our own.”

Hilary Westgarth & Angela Westgarth

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