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DISC Personality Profiling

What is DISC Personality Profiling?


  • Is it possible to predict how a person will act in a particular situation?
  • Would it be useful to know what motivates a person and what their fears are?
  • Could knowing a person's management style and how they communicate be beneficial?
  • How about anticipating how they will react under stress?
  • Can we know whether someone is suitable for a certain role and whether they will fit into your team?
DISC Personality Profiling from Coaching Dynamics

DISC Personality Profiling

DISC Personality Profiling is an excellent tool that can be employed which answers ‘Yes’ to all the above questions; it’s effective, uncannily accurate, easy to understand and brings a depth of personal knowledge that changes how we perceive ourselves and others. Once understood, it changes everything!

DISC was first accredited to Dr. William M Marston, a psychologist with a PhD from Harvard & creator of the first lie-detector. Dr. Marston used practical explanations to help people understand and manage their experiences & relationships.

DISC Personality Profiling testing and analysis is proven to be highly effective in the assessment of a person’s personality and predicted behaviour within the workplace environment.

Via a DISC questionnaire, the person selects statements that are ‘most like them’ or ‘least like them’. From this information three graphs are produced which are analysed and interpreted which determines their behavioural personality type.

These graphs detail the combinations and percentage of the four personalities in the individual’s profile: D, I, S and C.

Knowledge and understanding of the personality make-up of oneself and colleagues helps create effective management, co-operative working, and good dynamics within the team to attain the required results.

DISC Personality Profiling breakdown

DISC Personality Profiling and Coaching Dynamics

Coaching Dynamics firmly believes in the powerful merits of DISC Personality Profiling to enhance the understanding and performance of the people within an organisation.


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DISC can be delivered to clients as follows:

  • Individual or Team Assessment within a Coaching Programme
  • DISC Training & Analysis Workshops
  • For Recruitment purposes

“All my clients and management teams are DISC profiled so that I know exactly the personality types I am working with, the way they work and think, their motivations, how they react under stress and their fears. The analysis comes from correctly and accurately interpreting the graphs according to the percentage and combination of each personality type a person has in their profile.

Through direct feedback I am able to give very accurate predictions about their management style, how they deal with situations, people and decision making – it is fascinating!”

Coaching Dynamics


The Benefits of DISC Personality Profiling

  • Career Progression and Employee Retention and Recruitment
    For motivated staff who excel in job roles that match their skills, attitude and behaviour, DISC profiling can identify management and leadership qualities, organisational and process driven skills, natural sales ability, aptitude for service and team-player qualities.
  • Positive, Productive Team Building
    DISC profiling enables business owners and management teams to understand why others behave like they do. Increased sensory acuity allows you to constructively adapt your communication style and behaviour to appeal to others.
  • Personality Clash and Conflict Resolution
    Conflict often arises when others do not act in accordance with our expectations. By understanding the motivation and intention behind the behaviour, conflict and disagreements can be greatly reduced.
  • Stress Identification and Solving
    DISC profiling is a tool that can detect and remedy colleagues who are susceptible to frustration or stress, factors which often result in under-achievement, negativity and sickness, which in turn undermines an organisation's ability to deliver objectives and targets.
  • Feedback Mechanism
    DISC profiling helps business owners, senior executives and line managers deliver constructive, non-confrontational feedback tailored to their colleagues' preferred communication style – which means the feedback will ensure your desired outcome and trigger positive response.
DISC Personality Profile Analysis Results and Graphs

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