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Business & Strategic Growth Clients

Ian Davies, MD of Waltham Forest Engineering

“Tina was my Growth Coach on GrowthAccelerator for 6 months. During that time she gave me a better understanding of how marketing could benefit my business and introduced me to approaches I hadn’t known about. We now have a well-thought out marketing strategy, which has already brought benefits. Tina is an astute and creative thinker with an engaging personality; I’m happy to recommend her.”

Ian Davies
Waltham Forest Engineering

Chella Heyes, Managing Director, Zoom Answercall Service Ltd

“Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics was introduced to me through an existing client in September 2012. I was at the stage in the business where I needed to focus on growth and expansion with the end result of doubling my business within 3 years. Having invested in moving to bigger premises to help achieve that growth, I was overwhelmed with how I was going to start planning for it.

I had my first business coaching session with Tina at the end of November 2012, and with her recommendation and help, I managed to get the coaching part funded by being accepted onto 'GrowthAccelerator' with Tina as my Growth Coach.

Tina then helped me form a “Growth Team” with my Operations and Sales managers to be also present in the coaching sessions, and by the end of December we had formalised a solid 3-year plan that will enable us to double our business by 2016.

In just a short space of time, Tina has helped me focus on analysing the core services we offer our clients with an outcome of completely re-designing and re-packaging them, which I know, will be the contributing factor to our success.

The areas we are now working on for 2013 are: expanding our core opening hours; changing the blend of business so we focus on selling the more profitable services; developing more targeted marketing; and becoming recognised as market leaders through Awards and recognitions to help us stand out from our competitors.

Tina's dedication and support to our business is amazing and her advice and knowledge is truly inspirational. I would recommend Tina to any business owner who is serious about growing their business”

Chella Heyes
Zoom Answercall Service Ltd

Hilary Westgarth, Director, AV UK

“I would like to provide a testimonial for the wonderful help and support you have provided for our business. You have worked with me and our managers to help our business grow, certainly “challenging us to be successful”. Your support has always been helpful and structured and we would certainly not have grown as successfully without your help. We particularly found the DISC profiling beneficial and, as you know, use this in our recruitment.
Thank you once again for all the help and support and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

Hilary Westgarth

Pip Sandford, MD, Branwell Ford & Law Consultants Ltd

“BranWell Ford has worked with Tina for a period of 12 months, and in this time, the workforce has grown by 50%.

We initially engaged with Tina as the Directors were feeling a little jaded with running a company for 10 years and seeing through a tough economic downturn. After an initial session, Tina gave honest feedback on the business and then provided full support to assist with changing the direction of the firm, including the leadership style and providing support to the Directors to assist with implementing change.

The results have been tremendous, with the acquisition of a new firm and employment of 6 new staff, which is a result of Tina instilling confidence in our decision making. Tina has been fundamental in streamlining procedures, improving efficiencies and has conducted DISC profiling on the entire workforce to improve team building and developing internal relationships.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tina's knowledge and experience as an independent business partner, her style is professional, challenges the thought process and is very effective”

Pip Sandford
Branwell Ford & Law Consultants Ltd

Patricia Fox, Founder, Aralia Garden Design

Aralia is a Chelsea Flower Show Silver Medallist and multi-award winning exterior design practice

“When Tina started coaching me back in April 2010, my company had been established for 5 years, and good things were happening. I had a vision for the future, but I wanted to do everything all at once. Tina sat me down and somehow segmented my overall intentions, and helped me identify what the first steps should be, she wouldn't let me try to do them all at once - she knew if I did I would fail! Slowly, but surely, she coaxed me towards rational steps forward, that when broken down into smaller actions all seemed very doable, and it is only now on reflection, that when I look back I can now see just how far forward Aralia has moved.

Along the way we have had diversions, which at the time I saw as taking me off course, away from where my heart lay, but of course Tina was right, these ‘diversions' have in-fact led to significant improvement to our company profitability, and our turn over year on year will have more than doubled. Tina encouraged me do things like introduce systems and I now know that we are well prepared for future growth...

...We ended the year on a major high, with business coming in from all over the place, I don't think that we were doing anything different, but somehow it all just came together. Luck? Possibly. Right place right time? Possibly. Culmination of the last 7 years effort - yes definitely. But, and a big but, I do know that without Tina's support and direction we wouldn't have achieved what we have.

We systematized a huge part of our processes:

  • Took on new employees and fully integrated them into the business systems (they wrote most of them!)
  • Completely changed how we handle garden builds, we now act as the contractor, rather than an overseer (far more profitable)
  • Have introduced a Maintenance arm to our business
  • Won several awards such as 2 Chelsea Flower Show Silver Medals and Principal Awards from Bali for Landscape Design Excellence

Would I recommend Tina? Whole heartedly and unreservedly. Does she know anything about Garden Design? No of course not, but that's not what Tina is about, she is about working with you to determine the best course of action for you and your business to reach your goals. It's a collaborative journey that is taken together as a shared experience. When you succeed Tina succeeds, and that's a true win-win scenario.

Big thank you to Tina.”

Patricia Fox
Aralia Garden Design Ltd

PM Sandom, Managing Director, Labcare Service

Labcare Service is a service provider in the Biotech and LifeScience instrument sector

“Thank you Tina for all your time and effort during my recently completed Business Coaching course. I found the course both illuminating and fascinating in equal measure and it has helped me to identify area in my business for positive development, as well as areas that need some concentrated effort for change.

Although this course has finished it is still very much a work in progress and I look forward to the next stage”

PM Sandom
Labcare Service

Jane Malyon, Founder, The English Cream Tea Company

The English Cream Tea Company - freshly prepared and delivered afternoon cream tea & picnic hamper boxes

“What an adventure we've been on since I began The English Cream Tea Company a year ago - and Tina has been there supporting this exciting journey the whole way. There have been marvellous months with successes and smiles - and of course, moments too when worries and hurdles have arisen. No matter though, because Tina's sense of resourcefulness and calm has always encouraged strategies and solutions to be found. It's been the business equivalent of “Don't panic Mr. Mainwaring” and so with renewed clarity, perspective and a fresh smile, on we go again, ready for the next company challenge!

I'm particularly thankful of all Tina's special ‘behind the scenes' support. Of course the actual coaching sessions are really useful and enjoyable. But beyond that there have been so many sweet, encouraging (and very late night) emails from her, perhaps just reflecting back a little ‘win' I'd had but not noticed...or a small hurdle climbed.  She has always taken the time to congratulate and cheer me on.

Additionally, Tina has replied ‘Yes' to every event and invitation I've sent out in the last year - showing her support not just at the fortnightly coaching times - but pretty much 24/7.

How lucky for The English Cream Tea Company to have such a coach on board. How lucky I personally am to have Tina Dulieu on my side. Bless her coaching heart”

Jane Malyon
The English Cream Tea Company

Genny Crockett, PETA (UK) Ltd

Working with Tina has given me the confidence and clarity to push Peta (UK) Ltd forward to achieve a new level of growth.  The business review process helped us identify new efficiencies and Tina’s wealth of contacts has also been beneficial to us.

Tina was very helpful in helping me consider what I wanted out of the business both personally and professionally to ensure the strategy developed would suit both. The new energy is palpable and results have already been impressive.

Genny Crockett

Simon Thomas, MD, Toucan Internet LLP

Toucan Internet LLP provide commercially successful websites and Internet services

“I could have been seen as a doubting Thomas when it comes to business coaches as I'd got through the past 30 years successfully managing businesses and people in both stormy and buoyant times. I was pretty sure we wouldn't ever need a coach.

Enter Tina Dulieu from Coaching Dynamics to smash the above preconceptions.

Toucan Internet LLP has been providing commercially successful websites and Internet services since 1997 and is in a continually and rapidly changing business environment, both in services provided and emerging business opportunities.

Toucan Internet LLP benefited from a series of six sessions with Tina where the two main partners reviewed and assessed every key aspect of the business,what they wanted from it now and, more importantly, in the future.

Did Tina actually teach these old dogs any new tricks? Yes the key lesson to step well back from the day to day running of the business and look at the big picture.

Was there benefit in the time spent with Tina? Yes, immense benefit. Tina acted as a catalyst in helping us bring clarity to the many opportunities that Toucan Internet has open to it. With that clarity it was so easy to review and assess each in line with our business plans and our overall life plans.

So to all the doubting Thomas's out there, Tina comes at this as:

  • an eminently successful business woman in her own right
  • is not formulaic but rather highly bespoke in her offerings
  • can offer sensible support to people who already have significant business experience
  • can even find considerable funding to make it less of a financial risk

Toucan Internet LLP is better for the experience and I commend Tina to any organisation at any stage of its growth”

Simon Thomas
Toucan Internet LLP

Robin Stretton, Managing Director, RST Environmental

RST Environmental is an expanding firm of Architectural and Interior Designers

“Working with Tina Dulieu for just over six months, we have been truly amazed at how quickly she has been able to fully understand the intricacies of our particular business and how she has brought a wealth of valuable information and experience to bear on us to ensure our business growth is sustainable.

She is a fantastic listener and has a huge range of comprehensive tools and techniques to allow her to impart a full understanding of a potential problem, and through understanding she then helps us formulate our own goals and targets. She has allowed us to flourish in our creative field by giving us structure and procedures to back up this creativity.

Her track record and experience are exemplary and she has a huge capacity to listen, to never judge and always provides a new insight or perspective on any new venture or idea.

A fantastic asset to any new or expanding company and a truly wonderful lady, I will certainly be using her again and again to ensure the development of my company is secured”

Robin Stretton
RST Environmental

Lucy Gilmour and Wendy Barriball, Directors, RecruitAbility Solutions Limited

RecruitAbility specialises in providing independent and professional recruitment services

“Wendy and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Coaching Dynamics for all your help and support over the last 6 months. I think it would be fair to say that I thought I was the last person in the world that needed a business coach and then I met you and I realised what you could do for our business.

Within a couple of months of working with you, Wendy and I reached goals that we thought were years away and you not only made us realise what we could achieve, but you gave us the tools and mechanism to make it happen sooner than we thought would be possible.

Since meeting you, we have successfully recruited staff, we have moved premises and have an exciting business plan and vision which I have no doubt we will achieve.

Your dedication and passion about our business has never ceased to amaze and impress me and I look forward to continuing our excellent working relationship and to seeing what else RecruitAbility can achieve with Coaching Dynamics by our side.

Thank you Tina, we cannot recommend you highly enough.”

Lucy Gilmour & Wendy Barriball
RecruitAbility Solutions Limited

Alexis Beeching, Owner, The Red Cow Public House, Chrishall

“Having started in our new business in September 2010, 1 had been overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to achieve both behind the scenes and customer facing. I needed to pull all the strands of our new business together and start to run a more efficient and profitable business with clarity and focus.

Under Tina's mentor-ship I managed to identify the key goals I had and what I needed to learn and do to achieve those goals.

The areas we covered were diverse; refining the business systems, developing a client base, clarifying our finances, improving our customer care, developing the business image, increasing turnover, developing our marketing strategy, analysing costs. As well as lots of other tangents and tasks.

With each of the areas, we made clear, defined plans to work towards achieving the goals; identifying strengths and weaknesses and tangible activities to lead toward the success we envisage.

Tina has a calm, efficient approach but also has a very warm, natural personality which is impossible to dislike. She is honourable and has a high moral code, for which she wins my complete respect. Her energy ensures that her large list of professional contacts will always be available to her clients and further mutually beneficial connections can be made.

I am delighted with the progress I and the business have made as a result of the programme I have undertaken with Tina. We carefully monitored the progress as we went along and starting with an achievement rate of 39%, on completion of 6 sessions I had an achievement rate of 70%. I found the sessions invaluable and that they gave me a structure and organisation to my business activities, allowed me to have a clear vision and mission for the business and tangible goals to work towards.

I enrolled for further coaching and have now found that the tangible goals are being realised, our turnover has increased, and our mission statement is being realised.”

Alexis Beeching
The Red Cow Public House

William Norton, Founder, Troublefree-IT (uk) Ltd

Troublefree-IT provide Enterprise grade IT support services

“Before I started working with Tina and Coaching Dynamics, my time management was very poor, I never had time, I was always too busy and my efficiency level was just 25%.

Our first session was time management which had an immediate impact on the way I managed my day. The results quite frankly were amazing; within a few days of implementing their ‘Traffic Light System' I was completing more tasks, and had time to plan for the next day.

My days are now pro-active not re-active which is proving to be very beneficial, not only in my business, but in my home life too. After just 6 sessions my efficiency rating has more than doubled to 53% which I didn't think was possible”

William Norton
Troublefree-IT (uk) Ltd

Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics is a Coaching Academy Licenced Trainer    Federation of Small Businesses

"Coaching Dynamics has not only reshaped how I manage my team and workload, they gave me the confidence to stand tall and know my voice mattered."

Emma Marshall, FD
Pulse Cinemas Limited