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Management Team Coaching

Coaching for your Management Team is an excellent way of ensuring that your team of Directors or Managers meet their targets through collaborative discussion and co-ordinated activities for the benefit of the business, and that each individual within the team is developed in line with the desired outcome for the success of your company.


Powerful Team Coaching outcomes are based upon the following principles and foundations:

  • Each team understands, acknowledges and supports the vision for the business
  • Each team member understands and values the role of the others in the team and utilises their strengths (DISC Personality Profiling is a key factor in determining this)
  • A forum for creativity, discussion, collaboration, support and team solutions is developed
  • Frustrations, disputes and tensions are aired, discussed and dealt with before they become major problems
  • An in-sync Senior Management Team is developed with the outcome that all staff see united, focused leadership
  • Action plans of manageable goals are created within a specified time, moving towards the greater goal and vision for the business


Role of your Coaching Dynamics Management Team Coach

As your Management Team Coach, Coaching Dynamics will:

  • Ask thought provoking, and sometimes challenging, action-focused questions using proven questioning techniques
  • Work with the team on specific areas, pre-decided before each session. Examples of this might be:
  • Defining the direction of the business and creating the right image
  • Setting sales targets and increasing productivity
  • Developing an on-going marketing strategy
  • Staff communication, development, performance and recognition

As the team coaching evolves, it may become apparent that individual team members would benefit from individual coaching sessions on specific areas of concern for them, personal development or addressing limiting beliefs that may be hindering their progress. This can be arranged as necessary.


Coaching Dynamics Management Team Coaching Programmes

Management Team Coaching Programmes take different formats according to the requirements of the team and what they want to achieve. Typically they can be any one of the following:

  • A programme over six months with regular three hour coaching sessions fortnightly or as required
  • A whole day Workshop to kick-start the programme followed by a series of three hour coaching sessions over several months as required
  • Regular on-going monthly half-day coaching sessions to keep up the momentum

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Management Team Coaching from Coaching Dynamics

Management Team Coaching

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