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Coronavirus Implications – Practical Business Strategies You Can Employ

I’m Tina Dulieu and as a business growth strategist and founder of Coaching Dynamics, I’ve been involved in businesses of all kinds and sizes for many years both as a director and advisor, and I thought would share a few strategies with you today that may be useful.

The lock down and social distancing due to Coronavirus has turned our lives upside down and put us all in a position we could ever have envisaged in our wildest dreams. It has had a detrimental effect on many businesses and the past few weeks has been about doing as much damage limitation as possible. Fire-fighting to close premises or arranging social distancing measures if open, setting up home working for appropriate staff, keeping clients in the loop and keep them on board, making decisions on furloughing staff, applying for Government grants and assistance, contacting banks and suppliers.

The situation businesses find themselves in is unprecedented but possibly not insurmountable. The key is in turning these obstacles and challenges into opportunities. It is an opportunity to review your business, your staff roles and teams, your processes and, most importantly, the strategy for your business for when things return to normal trading... and they will.

Here are some practical strategies for you to consider and implement, as appropriate for your own business:

The gift of a Round Tuit

There is a time-management prioritisation matrix I use that matches Urgent/Not Urgent tasks with Important/Not Important tasks that looks like this:

If, in pre-Covid19 times, you had filled this out with all the tasks you wanted to achieve over the next month, most likely the following would have happened:

a) All the tasks in the Urgent and High Importance group of tasks would have been done, due to the very nature of the fact that they are urgent and highly important and would generally have been planned in advanced. I call these the ‘Proactive Red Tasks’. These are the necessities of business life that keep the wheels churning.

b) All the tasks in Urgent but Low Importance box are usually tasks that are urgent to others but not

necessarily as important to you. However, they get done because they are the reactive tasks that shout the loudest, the firefighting tasks and the tasks where others put pressure on you to get them done. I call these the ‘Reactive Green Tasks’.

c) Now, the tasks in the Not Urgent but High Importance group are often the strategic tasks for the business that you plan and truly mean to do because they are important for business development and growth, but they get pushed back by the Red and Green tasks that are ‘urgent’. I call these the ‘Proactive Amber Tasks’ because these are highly important for the business. Amber tasks are often put off due to firefighting. Today I, and Covid-19, are giving you the gift of a Round Tuit! This allows you to now take the time to think about, strategise, plan and action, all the tasks that you meant to do but didn’t get ‘round to it’!

So, what tasks are, or could be, in your Amber Tasks lists of high importance? How is the time to take the opportunity to do them! Here are some suggestions:

Opportunity No.1:

Review all the processes and systems in your business.

  • Are there certain processes to the way you work or deliver your services that you’ve been meaning to document and implement?
  • Are your staff compliant with the way that the business runs and do you need to do virtual training sessions? Training can be given even if they are furloughed. Zoom is a great platform for this and I have been delivering management training sessions on it, you can see everyone and screen share documents and PowerPoint.
  • How about your accounting systems, do they give you what you need? Perhaps now is the time to investigate and watch tutorials. There are many out there, personally I am a fan of Xero.
  • Is now the time to get your team to write that Operations Manual you’ve been intending to do for ages?
  • What other systems have you been meaning to look into? Now is the time.

Opportunity No.2:

Communication. Who could you communicate better with and what messages do you want to get across? Keeping in touch with your clients and customers is paramount at this time.

  • What new or recent services, products or features have you been meaning to better advise your clientele about and encourage them to use either for now or when you re-open?
  • Could you do a survey of your customers or clients to find out what services or products they would like to see for the future, or to ask for specific information on your services or products. Survey Monkey is a great platform to do this.
  • Could you write blogs for your website or social media to communicate with others and make new connections too? Could you record videos?
  • Use virtual video conferencing to see and speak to your clients.
  • Communicate with your suppliers of physical items, are they doing any deals at the moment? They want to keep their customers too.

Opportunity No.3:

Take time to really strategise for your business.

  • Your business has undoubtedly taken a hit; what are your new targets for each quarter in terms of number of customers or clients, staff you employ, outgoings? It is important to do a cash flow forecast.
  • Have you read up on and applied for all applicable Government grants and help there is? Visit
  • Do a GAP analysis on your services. In other words, list what is available, who and how many of your clients or customers use those offerings, what is most popular, what is least popular and analyse why. How can you encourage more up-take from current customers? Are they all aware of everything that is available?
  • Do a Role Mindmap for yourself and your team members – here’s an example of a MD’s role mindmap:
    MD mindmap example
  • What responsibilities do you want to reallocate? You could do one for each person or the group. What are the things that ‘only you can do’ as the business owner? Do you focus on them? You can hand draw Mindmaps and use them for anything to want to map out or think through, that’s how I always start my through processes. This one was done on

Opportunity No. 4:

Have a brain-storming session with your team or partners, always an inspiring thing to do. What else can you do? I am sure your list could be very long! Whatever you choose to do, ensure you are proactive, excited and resourceful. You will then keep your customers, keep positive and, most of all, ensure that you have a business to come back to!


I hope it has been useful to do some reflection on opportunities for your business. Do let me know what strategies you’ve been engaging in that have kept you motivated.

If you’d like to chat with me further, you’ll find my contact details here on my website or message me on LinkedIn.

Keep proactive, innovative, inspired and, most of all, stay safe!

R&D Tax Credits and Refunds – Is your company eligible?

How would your business spend an unexpected cash injection?

Think about what you could do with thousands of pounds to spend on your business. Would you make a capital purchase? Invest in training or hire new staff? Pay suppliers or give yourself and staff a bonus?

This is the superb situation you could be facing if you are a business that invests time and resource in Research and Development, commonly known as R&D. As R&D drives productivity and growth in the economy and is vital for the success of UK companies competing nationally and on the global stage, the Government has created a tax incentive scheme by which businesses can claim corporation tax credits or refunds based on the amount that they invest in R&D projects. This scheme, known as R&D Tax Credits, can be translated into corporation tax refunds from HMRC (going back two financial years), and, going-forward, a deduction from your next corporation tax bill.

Why is the Government actively encouraging you to apply for R&D Tax Credits?

To answer this, using the Government’s own words from a recent 2019 R&D paper, which states:
"Evidence suggests that the benefits of R&D to society are 3-4 times higher than the private benefits realised by an individual company. There is a strong case for supporting R&D though the tax system to incentivise greater investment by companies to realise these wider societal benefits.

The Government is actively promoting the fact that you can lower your corporation tax bill and you have nothing to lose by investigating your company’s eligibility. If you are eligible, it would be exciting for your business to benefit from R&D tax credits and invest in your future growth! The criteria is wider than you may think and many businesses could potentially be investing in R&D without realising it.

What constitutes eligible R&D?

If you are a business or company that:

  • is involved in challenging or complex technical or scientific projects
  • invests money into innovation by developing new products, services or processes, or in enhancing existing ones
  • carries out research, testing, trials and assessment to take a product or service to market
  • is involved in reducing the carbon footprint with your products or projects

....and, in doing so, have had to overcome technical or scientific uncertainties or challenges along the way, then you are almost certainly engaging in R&D activity. A project does not always need to have been successful to qualify.

How Do Research and Development Tax Credits Claims Work?

Completed by a qualified Accountant, your company’s individual tax credit calculation is based on your qualifying projects and spend.  Salaries, NI, Pension contributions, sub-contractors, energy consumption and related purchase costs are identified and enhanced through a stated rate and a calculation is made. This produces what is known as ‘your enhanced expenditure’. A further calculation is made of your enhanced expenditure at a rate based on whether you are a profit or loss-making (due to R&D investment) business. This results in a monetry value for a corporation tax refund or credit.  

How Coaching Dynamics can help your business benefit from R&D Tax Credits

Firstly, Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics, will use her business expertise and extensive experience to help you identify where R&D may be taking place in your company – many Directors do not realise that their company regularly engages in R&D activity.  Once the R&D projects are identified and documented, Tina works in partnership with fully qualified, specialist Accountants who create and submit the R&D tax credit claim to HMRC on the company’s behalf.

Receiving R&D Tax credits or refunds really could make your growth plans a reality by reinvesting the funds, often tens of thousands of pounds, back into your business.  This cash injection is an exciting step forward for many companies.

“Tina helped me build a successful claim that delivered thousands of pounds back into my business. She discovered many R&D activities that I simply did not realise were eligible including my own time spent on developing a new product. Thanks to Tina, I now have the money to invest in growing my business further.”  MD of a Manufacturing Company

Tina explains, “My role is to identify and document qualifiable R&D projects within each client’s business. Through many years of working with all kinds of businesses and industries, I am extremely well-placed to recognise eligible R&D activities, often when clients are not aware themselves, expertly creating the necessary documentation and evidence to validate claims as required by HMRC."

Here are just some of the industries where Coaching Dynamics has achieved successful R&D Tax Credit claims: Architectural, Batteries, Construction & related industries, Digital, HVAC, Industrial, Lighting, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Software, Transport… and many others.

Why wouldn’t you make a claim? 

The Government are actively encouraging companies to engage in innovation and take advantage of R&D claim tax credits for reinvestment. Every company that is proactively pursuing growth engages in innovation of some kind. There is every chance that your company is engaging in R&D too!

Contact Tina Dulieu at Coaching Dynamics today to discover how your business can benefit from R&D Tax Credits.

Further information on R&D tax credits can be found on the Government website.

What does a Business Coach do?

Welcome to my 60 second guide: the business information you need in bite-sized pieces



A business coach of worth and value is an independently successful, experienced, highly skilled and knowledgeable person who takes you and your management team on an exciting journey to create your own business success story!

They help you clarify your vision, define the actions needed to achieve it and then keep you and your teams focused on the prize. Yet this is only part of their role.


19% of companies surveyed reported an ROI of 50 times their investment after employing a business coach, while a further 28% saw an ROI of 10 to 49 times the investment*


It's an enlightening process. Conversations are facilitated by asking insightful questions so that your vision, goals and aspirations are clarified and the path to achieve them becomes clear; this sometimes involves playing ‘devil’s advocate’ to challenge and test theories where necessary.  

Identifying and clarifying key pathways, decisions and actions that your team needs to make, then holding those responsible accountable, is all part of a business coach’s unique role. They help you sustainably and profitably progress your business; transforming it from where it is now to where you want it to be according to your vision; a little scary but greatly motivating!

The return on investment in an excellent business coach is often beyond measurement as they will have many roles: a business ‘partner’ who is 100% on your side, a mentor, a confidante, a mine of information, a wise and independent ear. Every question asked and every action proposed is structured to support you and your team with achieving the euphoria of success.


Alongside productivity increases, people who work with a business coach become more positive, and experience improved self-confidence (80%), improved relationships (73%), and improved communication skills (72%)*


Business growth, restructure where necessary, or finding the most appropriate exit strategy should all be in the toolbox of a great business coach. To achieve these goals, the best coach will help  management teams understand each other, work more effectively together and create an excellent culture for the business to thrive in. 


Coaching for business growth - your business coach will:

  1. Help you understand your business now and define your future aspirations

  2. Listen carefully, question and support you with creating plans that enable you to reach, and then surpass, your business goals

  3. Keep you focused, motivated and accountable

  4. Challenge your thought processes

  5. Share their years of business experience and coaching expertise

  6. Support you unreservedly without the emotional attachment of being ‘in’ the business and help you focus on the success you desire.


Can your business afford not to hire an excellent business coach?  

If you’d like further information, contact Tina Dulieu, Coaching Dynamics Ltd, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!


*ICF Global Coaching Client Study


Simple strategies to increase your profits

strategies to increase your profitsHow often do you take time out from your busy working day to strategically review your business? There are many ways of increasing profits to consider but with time being a precious resource, there is often not enough hours to implement them all, so here I am going to highlight just three of them to get your mind thinking.

When time is taken to focus on the following three key strategic areas, it can dramatically increase your profits, especially if all are applied and achieved together. Focused efforts to make even very small changes to client or team behaviour can result in increased profits of 33% or more.  This is a strategy highlighted to me by Peter Thomson, a specialist in sales techniques.

Here are the three key areas:

Increase revenue from existing clients - draw up a business strategy that identifies how you can sell more products or services to your current client base. Have you identified how to cross-sell to your clients? Could you do a GAP analysis of which products/services each client buys? Can you improve your customer service? Also consider a price increase as just a little can make a big difference.

Create revenue from new clients - increase your marketing efforts to attract new clients to your business. Do you have an expert to help you with this, and when was your marketing strategy last updated? Recommendations and referral schemes are also powerful tools to increase your customer base, how effective is yours? Do you network where you are likely to find more clients?

Generate revenue by encouraging clients to buy more frequently - would the clients benefit from purchasing your services or products more frequently?  How can you add extra value or service by encouraging this?  What benefits would there be for them to purchase more of what they already buy?  Can you identify this and discuss with the client?

When looking at all this in practise, how will efforts in any one of those three areas genuinely affect your profit levels?  Let’s take a look:

  1. Increase average spend of current clients
  2. Increase number of new clients
  3. Increase frequency of purchase of all clients

A company that increases revenue by 10% in:

- One of the three areas above without increasing overheads will gain a welcome 10% in profits;

- Two of the three areas above without increasing overheads will gain pleasing 21% in profits;

- All three areas above without increasing overheads will gain a huge 33.1% in profits!

A numerical example of all three together:

Baseline - 100 clients spending £1000, 5 times a year = £500,000

  1. Increase spend by 10% gives 100 clients spending £110, 5 times a year = £550,000 giving 10% profit.
  2. Increase no.of clients by 10% and spend by 10% gives 110 clients spending £1100, 5 times a year = £605,000 giving 21% profit.
  3. Increase frequency of purchase by 10% in addition to above gives 110 clients spending £1100, 5.5 times a year = £665,500 giving 33.1% profit.

Suddenly that time taken to implement these changes seem very, very worthwhile!  Applying each of these strategies in a systematic and focused way will have a significant impact on your bottom line and profits.

Key actions:

Create a business strategy for the three key areas above and empower your leadership team to drive change.

If you would like help with creating the strategies for this, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete the enquiry form on the website.

7 Top Tips for Running a Productive Appraisal Process


Appraisal time. Very often these words make employees shudder and managers run and hide. Why is it that on the whole, we don’t like appraisals?

For the employee, is it the fear of hearing something that you don’t want to know? Is it because you are forced to reflect and analyse yourself and your work? Or is it simply that you feel that it’s a waste of time and doesn’t make any difference to your daily working existence?

For the manager, it is the fear of having to find a way to deliver uncomfortable performance results or find a way to motivate people you have worked with a long time?  Or maybe thinking that the employee doesn’t really ‘get what it’s all about’?

Tina advises, “Your staff and teams are the lifeblood of your business - nurture and feed them, inspire, challenge and encourage them, and create a motivated workforce that reflects your company’s values.”  

For managers, the benefits of appraisals need to be clear. They are a time to motivate your workforce; to recognise their contribution and to incentivise them for the year ahead. They provide a framework to assess team members; to ensure that they are meeting prescribed working standards. Appraisals help track progression, clarify roles and ascertain where you can offer training, and they support succession planning. They also allow managers to set goals and objectives based on the business’s overarching strategic growth plan.

Two-way communication process

Employees often find the benefits less clear and this is where a business can spend time communicating and reassuring teams that the appraisal process is a mutually beneficial activity. A good appraisal should be designed to allow an employee to share their opinions, self-assess how they are doing in their role, request support or training and to aspire to personal growth. Giving your team time to consider these things in advance, using clear guidance to channel their reflections, and then discuss them in secure environment is imperative.

Here are my 7 top tips for running a productive appraisal process:

  1. Share the purpose and value of the appraisal process with your team.  

  2. Be clear about your company culture and your expectations about how you want people to work. Demonstrate this by including key actions in everyone’s appraisal.

  3. Clarify who appraises who - use your organisational chart to ascertain line managers

  4. Create an appraisal document for use by both parties. Give time to complete this form at least 7 days in advance of the appraisal meeting, which should be done face-to-face.

  5. Encourage self-assessment and discuss the results and any differences between what the line manager and the team member thinks

  6. Consider holding intermediary appraisals - running appraisals 12 months apart allows time for bad habits to set in and discontent to grow.

  7. Follow up on agreed actions and feedback progress.

The greatest thing for a business is to have fantastic employees. Make appraisals a positive experience for them and increase the value of your best resource!


Recommendation for Tina:  

“Thank you for your support with appraisals, which was very helpful and extremely thought provoking. It has enabled us to review our process, the questions we ask, and how our managers conduct reviews.” HR Manager, CBF


If you would like help with creating systems or training for appraisals, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete the enquiry form on the website

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.... Reflection of a Business Owner or Senior Manager

You’ve worked hard, built up your business or department and have a team of people to manage, inspire and motivate while still carrying out your own priorities. Work is busy, time is short, you need to rely on others in your team to deliver what you require of them to the right standard… but do they deliver?

Have you answered ‘always’? Or ‘sometimes’? Or ‘not often enough’?  If it is not ‘always’, then why do you think this is and what should you do about it?

What I’m about to say might be a bitter pill to swallow, but if your team are not performing as you need them to, then you must first look inward because you might be the reason!  Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself these questions, answering as honestly as you dare.

  • Do you and your team have shared and written values and a vision of what the business and team are aiming for?

  • Have you set high enough standards, provided the structure to perform well and put the correct processes and procedures in place for good practice?

  • Are you always consistent in your expectations, fair to everyone (whatever your personal relationship with them), disciplined, in control yet still approachable?

  • Do you delegate effectively with clear explanation and monitor progress without either micro-managing or abdicating from the responsibility?

  • Do you provide opportunities for personal development for each member of your team and properly recognise and reward those who work hard for you?

Such a lot to think about and so much ‘know how’ to acquire! Being a ‘leader’, either by being a business owner or a senior manager, requires great skill that does not always come naturally to everyone.  But, like most things, managerial skills can be learned, practiced, mastered and then implemented with great success – that’s the good news.

When trying to keep all the plates spinning in the hub-bub of business, negotiation, people management and innovation, try taking a step back occasionally and viewing yourself from the perspective of your team members. What would they see? What would they say about you? What would they be feeling about how you manage and lead them?  Would you like the answers?!

Your team will look to you lead and you must create the right image.

Are you what you would want them to see?


If you would like Executive Coaching to be the best leader you can be, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete the enquiry form on the website

The Coaching Profession Recognises Tina Dulieu’s Contribution to the Success of Businesses with an International Award!

Each and every day in my work, it is my mission to help the Business and Management clients grow, develop and be more successful in their business or role.  Rarely is the spotlight turned on me but recently it was and I am proud to share some very good personal news with you!
On 5th December, 2015, at a glittering black-tie ceremony that I attended with my family, I was presented with a beautiful glass trophy and a certificate for winning the International Coaching Awards 2015 for Small Business coach of the year.
The award was run and presented by The Coaching Academy, the largest Coach Training provider in Europe, and was independently judged by external coaching bodies such as the International ACSTH, Association for Coaching, Institute of Leadership & Management and others.  The Coaching Academy has students in over 60 countries around the globe and competition was very high.  The winners can be viewed at Award Winners
It is down to each and every one of my clients, present and past, and their successes that I have been recognised for my work in the ‘World of Business’!  For that I am truly grateful, as without my clients, our work and the experience I have gained from working with them, I could not have won this Award.
I look forward to continuing my work with Business and Management Clients in the New Year, along with some exciting new ventures in the pipeline, and want to personally wish you every success in your business, role and all that you do in 2016!

GrowthAccelerator Awards – Coaching Dynamics’ Client Novo Construction Are Finalists

It’s official – Novo Construction Limited in Hertfordshire have done amazingly well to be finalists in the prestigious national GrowthAccelerator Awards ‘The Brave and Bold’! Novo Construction are one of 8 finalists in the category ‘The Game Changer’ from hundreds of entries. This category is for companies who, through the GrowthAccelerator programme, have moved their business into a different market or direction and grown substantially as a consequence.

Novo Construction’s Growth Coach, Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics, says “Novo really deserve to be finalists as they have certainly changed their game. Scaling down their residential work and focussing on acquiring larger build contracts was key. Through our strategic planning, training and DISC profiling to get the right employees, we ensured that Novo’s direction was clear and they had the correct skills to make it happen. The result is that they have turned a £350k turnover business into one that has secured £3m of contracts within 18 months. That’s some achievement! I congratulate them and wish them every success in winning their category in the GrowthAccelerator Awards! We shall all be at the Awards Ceremony in Mayfair on 5th June for the announcements. It will be an amazing evening, I’m sure.”

Tina Dulieu Is A Contender For GrowthAccelerator’s Growth Coach Of Year Award

Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics, a registered and approved Growth Coach for the Government co-funded GrowthAccelerator programme, is in the running for the prestigious ‘Growth Coach of the Year’ Awards in Mayfair on June 5th.

Tina was delighted to receive this email from the office of GrowthAccelerator Awards body: “As the coach for Novo Construction it's our pleasure to inform you that you are also now entered to be considered for the Best Growth Coach Award in recognition of your role in the success of their growing business.”

Novo Construction, one of Coaching Dynamics’ GrowthAccelerator clients, is a finalist in ‘The Game Changer’ category of ‘The Brave and Bold’ Awards. So Tina Dulieu and Novo Construction are keeping their fingers crossed to pull off the double on the night!


London GrowthAccelerator Client Pays Testimony To The Skills Of Coaching Dynamics

Michael Cole, MD of Prime Light Electrical Limited in NW London, has been so delighted with his company’s progress with Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics while on the GrowthAccelerator programme, that he sent the following testimonial. Prime Light Electrical’s Management Team received Growth Coaching and Management Training from Tina Dulieu over a 6 month period. This is what they said:

Tina worked with us for 6 months as our Growth Accelerator coach.

Tina has a strong analytical grasp, excellent communication skills and good people skills - for the 6 months she worked with us she proved invaluable, not only for her work as GA coach but also providing sound advice along the way on a wide variety of matters.

Tina’s legacy to Prime Light is that we find ourselves a much more focussed and robust management team, more aware of each others strengths. Consequently we are a stronger, healthier team with an ambitious yet realistic growth plan for the next three years and a more positive ‘can do’ attitude.

Tina also ably assisted us in designing and implementing a marketing plan, a staff appraisal system, and taught us the importance of using DISC analysis when recruiting with the aim of getting it right first time ! All in all Tina did a great job for Prime Light and I would recommend her wholeheartedly!”


GrowthAccelerator Success Published in Business Weekly Newspaper!

The success of Zoom Answer Call Service through the GrowthAccelerator programme has been recognised and reported in Business Weekly.  Zoom's MD, Chella Heyes, and her Growth Coach, Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics, are both pictured and quoted in the full page article.

Tina Dulieu says, 'I am delighted to see the recognition of Zoom's success in such a prestigious newspaper as Business Weekly.  Chella and her business have really benefitted from GrowthAccelerator and they continue to go from strength to strength. I am excited to be part of that growth as the strategic planning and actions implemented are having the desired effect!'

Read the Business Weekly Article here.

Cambridge Business Zooms Ahead With GrowthAccelerator

Chella Heyes and her Management Team of Zoom Answer Call Services are in the news! They have been chosen as a GrowthAccelerator official Case Study and their story has also been released to the Cambridge press.

Having completed a six month Business Coaching programme with Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics, one of GrowthAccelerator's registered and approved Growth Coaches, Zoom Answer Call's business goes from strength to strength.

GrowthAccelerator is where ambitious businesses go to grow. A unique service led by the country’s leading growth specialists, GrowthAccelerator provides driven businesses with new connections, new routes to investment and the new ideas and strategy they need to achieve their full potential.

Read of Zoom's exciting success story and GrowthAccelerator Case Study here.


Business Coaching Praise from Hertfordshire Business

Such a delight for me to know that Coaching Dynamics' clients benefit from Tina Dulieu's Business Coaching sessions. Thank you to Jan Hunter and David Porter, Directors of Knight Property Management, Hertford, who kindly wrote: 'Tina, this is just to say a big 'thank you' for your ongoing support of us and our company. Your help and advice means such a lot to us, and is one of the reasons why we recently won our FSB Award for East Herts Business of the Year 2013. We simply would not have won this award without you.'

Business Coaching Success through GrowthAccelerator

Business Coaching Success through GrowthAcceleratorCoaching Dynamics’ clients, Danny Taylor and John Grehan, Directors of Novo Construction, Hertfordshire, are delighted to celebrate their successful completion of GrowthAccelerator, with registered and approved GrowthAccelerator Coach, Tina Dulieu.

Novo Construction, whose head office is in Standon, Hertfordshire, have experienced a huge rise in enquiries and projects as a result of implementing actions to achieve their ambitious goals and vision for the growth of their business. A three year strategic plan, created through a six month GrowthAccelerator Business Coaching Programme with Tina Dulieu, has resulted in Danny and John employing three more office staff and a site manager, with more key staff planned to join the growing team to facilitate these major construction projects.  One project alone is a £2.5 million construction of houses and shops in Battersea, London, with many other projects being lined up.


Tina commented ‘I am delighted to see the huge success of Danny and John’s hard work and commitment to the growth of their company. Their dedication to implementing the actions decided through our strategic planning, along with their expertise to deliver first class construction and building projects, has sealed their success in winning major new contracts. Long may it continue!’

Tina Dulieu is a registered and approved GrowthAccelerator Coach. GrowthAccelerator is where ambitious businesses go to grow. A unique service led by the country’s leading growth specialists, GrowthAccelerator provides driven businesses with new connections, new routes to investment and the new ideas and strategy they need to achieve their full potential.

GrowthAccelerator Works!

SO very excited for one of my GrowthAccelerator Clients who has just secured a £2.5m project!!! More details as soon as the final paper work is signed.... What a fantastic way to start the day!

For further details visit the GrowthAccelerator page of Coaching Dynamics’ website

FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards 2013

FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards 2013At a spectacular event of the FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards 2013 at the beautiful Shendish Manor Hotel, Hertfordshire, two Coaching Dynamics' clients Team2Clean and Knight Property Management were winners in their categories!

Jan Hunter and David Porter of Knight Property Management won East Herts Business of the Year which is a testament to all the hard work they have put into their business to offer their specialist and exceptional service to landlords and tenants of rental properties.

Cristina Antochi runs Team2Clean with her husband Anton and Cristina was a very well deserved winner of the category Real-Life Entrepreneur. Cristina has built an amazing business with teams of male/female pairs of domestic cleaners across Hertfordshire and Essex and has created franchises for the business to grow further. Cristina is an inspiration indeed!

Tina Dulieu, Business Coach for both companies, said 'I was absolutely delighted that Knight Property Management and Team2Clean won their categories, it was so well deserved in both cases! It was a wonderful evening with us all sharing a table and cheering wildly as each of our businesses won! I am sure that both businesses will go from strength to strength, I am delighted to be part of that success and I look forward to their continuing growth.'

Two Client Finalists in FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards 2013

Congratulations to my clients Jan and David of Knight Property Management and Cristina and Anton of Team2Clean, who are both finalists in two categories in the FSB Hertfordshire Business Awards!

Knight Property Management are finalists in the two categories: Best New Business and East Herts Business of the Year.  Jan and David richly deserve to be finalists, they truly care about their clients and the service they provide to landlords and tenants is excellent and extremely supportive. 

Team2Clean are finalists in the two categories: Young Business Person and Real Life Entrepreneur.  Cristina has an amazing story of how she created her business with husband Anton and has become very successful running a network of domestic cleaning teams across several counties.  She is an inspiration to us all.

We will all be attending the Awards Ceremony on June 13th and I shall be cheering them on to win!  Sincere 'Congratulations!' to both businesses for success on the night.

Marketing Guidance Make A Difference To Engineering Company

Ian Davies, MD of Waltham Forest Engineering, a Coaching Dynamics' client on GrowthAccelerator, posted this testimonial on Tina Dulieu's LinkedIn profile:

"Tina was my business coach on GrowthAccelerator for 6 months. During that time she gave me a better understanding of how marketing could benefit my business and introduced me to approaches I hadn’t known about. We now have a well-thought out marketing strategy, which has already brought benefits. Tina is an astute and creative thinker with an engaging personality; I’m happy to recommend her.”

Tina commented "It is always a delight to see the success of my clients and many more testimonials of success can be found on my website"

Coaching Dynamics launches a new website!

The new website has been built to the highest design and accessibility standards, and offers Coaching Dynamics an opportunity to publish its materials and engage with its audiences using the latest web-based technologies.

For further information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Is your business ready for some serious growth?

Business growth with Coaching Dynamics
Answer YES to every question below and your business could be ready for serious growth:
  • Are you an established business trading for 2+ years?
  • Do you employ between 5 - 100 people?
  • Do you have finance in your business to invest in growth innovations?
  • Are you willing to put time and resources into making growth happen?
If you are a driven ambitious business let Coaching Dynamics work with you to achieve your strategic growth ambitions.

What can DISC Personality Profiling do for you?

DISC personality profiling
DISC Personality Profiling is a proven tool used by Coaching Dynamics to help you:
  • Understand the way YOU do business
  • Ensure YOUR TEAMS work to their strengths
  • RECRUIT the right person for your team's dynamics
  • MOTIVATE your colleagues
DISCover more about how this dynamic resource can benefit your business by learning more about DISC personality profiling.

Would you like a proactive Management Team?

Management Team Coaching
Your Management Team is key to business success and growth:
  • Would you like motivated and inspired Managers in your business?
  • Is your Management Team as effective as you would wish?
  • Do your Managers have all the skills required to lead?
  • It is important to have effective leaders you can rely on.
Your Management Team should be leading the field and setting company standard. Learn how by vewing our management team coaching services.
Tina Dulieu of Coaching Dynamics is a Coaching Academy Licenced Trainer    Federation of Small Businesses    Bishop's Stortford Chamber of Commerce

"Effective and motivational, Tina has been able to get us all to focus on the issues we need to address to move our business forward."

Quentin Bargate
Bargate Murray Law Firm